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Samsung Internet Browser Beta Apk

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Thg7 28, 2020

Samsung Internet Browser Beta provides a safe and private browsing experience and it is optimized for Androids is a fully official Samsung browser. Although it is technically a Galaxy Nexus smartphone for Samsung optimized, it works perfectly with almost any Android 5.0 or higher smartphone.

The first thing that you can call your attention, you can quickly activate as many extensions as Samsung launches on the Internet. Content Blocker ', for example, when the "Video Wizard", you can easily remove the benefit of annoying ads videos that run on any web page.

Another great feature of Samsung Internet is that you can easily search the engine for Google DuckDuckGo, for example. In addition, the famous "Amazon Shopping Assistant" is available to you. This function can automatically compare prices to Amazon, so you can always be sure to get the best value out of the investment.

Samsung Internet An excellent internet browser provides a large level of flawless security and a clean and elegant interface functions. It's an interesting alternative to Android surfing kings and queens.

New features for you

  • Video Accessories

    • Enjoy watching the video Assistant Save Video Experience a long time ago. With the purple on the button you can easily change the view in full screen or pop-up window.

  • Customizable menu

    • Because you can move buttons at any time under the toolbar. If all the candidates on the menu have a button.

  • Tab Manager Update

    • Try our newly decorated List View Mode tab manager.

  • Approved apps

  • A program that allows user applications to be opened regardless of the purpose of Samsung's Internet listing opportunity. You can try to open the Samsung Internet by blocking some malicious applications.

Security and privacy

  • Smart anti-tracking

    • You can use the Flexible Domains domain (cookies) on cross-site identification of block tracking.

  • Protected browsing

    • Before you can visit malicious sites known to be malicious sites attempting to steal your information, we will warn you.

  • Content Blocker

    • Android Samsung Internet 3rd party filters allow applications to thin the content browsing and blocking content.

UI improvements

  • Easy to see your instructions

    • We store information received from the Settings menu web pages, so you can easily view information in one place.

  • Save all images

    • All images on a web page can be written together.

  • Reader mode

    • Reader mode allows you easy to clean and read text. Now you can adjust the read mode operation by selecting the font, font size and background.

  • In the URL bar

    • URL button for a button often allows for quick access to Reader Mode. Also a button "you can install apps with a tap home screen.

  • Advertising: Stage Manager

    • Downloading files is always convenient for our new parallel download system, pause, start and break with download availability.

  • Tab swipe

    • Swipe left or right of the address bar to navigate to your previous/next tab toolbar.

More Comfortable

Synchronize data for instant access

  • Data for fast access sync devices is via Samsung Cloud Samsung Internet Browser Beta version 10.1 or later.

Samsung integrates well with devices.

  • You can use biometric authentication to log in to websites to access web payments and Incognito supported Samsung devices.
  • Keep the VR headset in transit when you view the web page, and it will no longer open Virtual Reality.
  • Samsung Dax is optimized for desktop browsing.
  • The transmission (each device version 8k2 +) offers quick access to all devices with a smart switch before.


We are using Chrome as a browser engine 71st

Video Accessories Compensation

Video support options that were present in the pre-iteration of the beta browser from Samsung are back! To enable this feature, go to "Utilities" "Open and check" "Video Wizard" "Settings".

Well, if you watch the video on the Samsung Internet Browser Beta, the small purple icon in the lower right corner of the screen. On the "pop-up window on the show" "Can access the TV show", and tap the opportunity to view the "Activate" frame.

User Reviews

User 1: I'm a Samsung browser - but I get the Samsung Award for "Shopping Assistant" and lots of nagging alerts. And 7 Chrome Bands are behind the browser. I only live with Chromium and Adguard Android.

User 2: I was giving them away. Then I noticed that there are times when my phone is in beta (URL middle, which suddenly shuts down in the open and tries a new browser tab to get me to websites that will take a little) one day.

User 3: Oh wow, I have never heard of this problem yet. If you are ready to consider this post in Samsung medium account. There is something about the strange behavior of the browser, as well as their experience they can use to send you an e-mail address at the bottom of the response. It might be worth knowing them. 

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  • Bug fix and stabilization