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Tango: Free Video Calls & Text Apk

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Tango is one of the leading mobile messaging services with more than 390 million registered members worldwide. From its inception in 2009 to establish as a cross-platform video and voice app call Tango join Today as close friends and everyday moments with family.

Voice Messages, Video Calls, Video Games, Social Entertainment: Tango Messenger Tons more instant-message short application with easy instant messaging programs.

These calls include the best Tango members book to add more fun and the type of pictures they share via the game they care about the way I play, while live animated sticker calls and more!

Of course, Mark Tango SMS to Messenger. You can send text messages to all your friends and their feedback to the private chat window. You can send messages to many people at once they can also create chat groups.

Tango Messenger also allows you to make video calls to their friends and contacts and you can also send them to create voice messages. And you can also send pictures and files or other documents. You can play this game and change your position, photos and more. It can also be DHI, you are off to a task at your current location for other users.


  • Or tango text, stickers, photos, videos, and location messages
  • Video calling is all you need in a video call to have fun. Add or play labels, filters, and call games all the time
  • Family, friends, roommates, co-workers and all events at once are discussed. Use Tango Keep you in touch with groups of people at this point. A group for text, photos, videos or stickers and more.
  • Best Video Telephony: People who call to see your face with good quality for you, hear their voices and free
  • Tango from USA, Canada, Mexico, and India, free on any number of international and national calls. Tango also offers international calls worldwide for low prices
  • Undercover: Glam it into painting during some digital face video calls. Use one of our collection in your collection to transform the theme into a video call on a live-action mask on the screen, as well as getting your face up. If you move on, moving with the mask

What are tango free video calls and texts?

Tango is a free messaging service that you get social connect with, and it allows you to have a lot of fun talking to you. Make text messages, video and voice calls, photos new friends, play games Send messages Spotify music and message play more! Their # 1 messaging app and new mobile social network use hundreds of millions of people around the world to use Tango.

Free and easy to use:

  • All video and phone calls and text messages are free locally and globally
  • Calls and messages don't use your minutes or SMS plans
  • No login and password - create an account in seconds
  • Tango automatically detects the use of your friends
  • Calls and messages work because they do it on your phone
  • Always so you do not miss a thing


  • High-quality video and voice calls and messages
  • 1 & 1 chat with up to 300 friends group
  • Smartphone via tablet PC and work
  • Great quality voice and video calls over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi

Be Social:

  • Status your profile with updates and photos
  • Edit or share comments and photos
  • Post Status, Videos, Music, Links, Audio Messages and Animated Surprise News Feed
  • Simple world or becoming friends anywhere

"People connect with friends of friends" knew


  • Various categories, entertainment, sports, music, lifestyle, news browse channels
  • Follow their favorite brands for fun videos, photos, links and more to discover and share
  • Climb leaderboards in 40+ games on gifts or challenge friends and tango
  • Discover, listen to songs and share provided by Spotify
  • Your calls and personal messages with fun animations
  • Share a mini-game or share photos, play during the call


  • Best Communication App - 2013 Appy Award
  • Best Text Messaging Apps - 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards
  • 2013 Verizon Wireless - Mandatory List of Applications

User Reviews

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User 2: In the case of late old missions try to use your favorite vaccines at the same time to see more tango removed them immediately. Time to place and record live video messages home from work. Cut LOL Tango means now buy, control transmitters and more

User 3: No trash apps. It's used for work (a bit), so it doesn't work at all. I've been waiting for months and erased an update. Update this issue approximately every week. Not even "updates" works for everyone due to the high maintenance function. Why don't you take a break and "waste emoji update" APP ... I just can't remove it now. 

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  • Share your favorite Tango Moments with your friends! Save top Moments to your device, or share them on Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp directly in Tango!
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