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33.7 MB
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5.41 cho Android
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Thg7 26, 2020

The app comes with three games on the table, you have. The first game, the simple teen-leaf game mode is a simple game. There is also a comical table, where you have a Joker card to get to the mix. Finally, the order table with a map was nominated trump card, you can use a different card as a strong hand to change. You can choose to drop or play a tournament where there are thousands of different games playing chips.

Add money, gameplay, so everything you want without worrying about betting your financial situation. At the beginning of each game, you can think, you want to get free coins to play use a lot. You will also get daily bonuses for free through free coins, so you won't run out of coins.

Play with real players

What makes Teen Patti Gold and exciting is the fact that in the world users are allowed to play online players. Upload a social component of the game to play your friends and even come up with new game companions. Invite your table and lots of games together with your friends. You can also create a private space where you can play a tournament with your friends in the privacy of your own table.

At the same time, the game chat function is developed with you can send and receive instant messages to your friends and other players. You can also send fun and exciting gifts and proposals. Billy Gold works on the Internet connection at low speed, easily, so it is possible about the game. It also plays great on 2G.

Also, this game app is meant to give a real casino experience with background music and realistic sound effects.


The following are some features of the application:

  • Send your friends and personal, to play with family, so they demand WhatsApp or Fair Use Negroes.
  • Proposals player TeenPatti to play in their own language. Examples of English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu and Bengali.
  • Lucky card.
  • Bank robbery.
  • New and improved interface.
  • Chat and gift.
  • Private room for private duel.
  • The game runs without problems on the 2G network.
  • No use of real money.
  • Now you can play using TeenPatti Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Where you find extra rewards but you also include a premium table.

Now playing poker in "Indian style". The Petty 3 card, which also features the Indian version of poker, in other words, called "flush or flash". 5 players can be used by Petty, but the player played the winning role of card and play move.

Fun Card Games

Teen Patti Gold is a fast, real and fun card game to save you from boredom. This is a lighter version of poker and allows you to play short rounds of poker. It has some very easy to navigate graphics and interface. With its simple rules and social design, this game is a great game pure entertainment for your device. Teen Patti Gold also comes with English, Hindi, Marathi and language options along with their native language to play the game.

Now with Real-Time Petty Games Gold Millions of donors worldwide. But plays anywhere, anytime with anyone. The app prizes 1 million chips. You can earn three Gold Leaf bonuses more than any other game. Clowns, Hooks, Muflis Royal and AK47 may now have many differences between the three-leaf gold play contains.

Deluxe tries their luck in table time, boat, original four does not make you feel lucky. You, along with family, Andar Bahar, can play poker private games with your friends and his friends and play free private table work. "Teen leaf competition" between Dubai ", Las Vegas, Singapore, Paris, many in London and all over the world and are used in strange places such as Try your luck.

Card Ranking:

Ranking card has the following qualities:

  • Tailor phrase: Three of the same level.
  • Pure rank: Straight, flush or straight.
  • Procedure: Or execute directly.
  • Color flush.
  • Pair: Two cards of the same level.
  • High card. 

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