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41.5 MB
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2.0.2 cho Android
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Thg3 31, 2020

Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame was an exciting travel game developed under the banner under Ubisoft Entertainment. After the game, events set on a time and history wanderer game of Prince of Persia, what a prince really is. An epic journey through the clue about your past Prince Have and build their future. Legendary Platformer & Shadow Flame Prince of Persia is back with aggression The game looks new and fits your work easier control with an improved look.

The game has found 14 levels more challenging, which were visually presented in 3D appeal. The kind of environment in which you explore things is 5 State Diving. The new combat system is the beginning with many enemies and some real strategic challenges. You will be there to gain new and modern weapons and be more challenging in order to progress the game. Available in many languages: English, Arabic, Italian, French, German and so on.

Features of Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame

Exciting features of the game will make you experience free to download Persia Shadow Prince and Flame APK.

  • Impressive adventure game.
  • The events of the excellent Prince of Persia.
  • If you have a new and improved look.
  • Easy control.
  • 14 challenge levels were given.
  • The art environment got five states.
  • Launched a new combat system.
  • Available in many languages.

Old story, new skin

You as an adventurer of the original Prince of Persia in a whole new skin to save the princess through the dungeon, your way to fight again.

You go stunts Death-defying heavy vault turns dark and beautiful castle tower.

Amazing level

The path to salvation is never easy.

To complete the devil's traps will require a level of determination, solid determination and prison guards that have just been overcome with excellent fencing or fraud! The dark secret is to follow the legacy in the bare stones, which will be established.

Multiple game modes

  • Normal mode: You can learn to understand the game's various movements and time or quick ways without having to worry about the death penalty.
  • Time Attack: You race against the Sands because of the time ...