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Thg7 08, 2020

Your voice in your life deserves it. With 53 million tracks on the bus with personalized recommendations for you, Deezer offers his favorite songs, and always your next favorite - your music partner. Bring a passion for bringing music.

Launched in 2013 in Brazil Deezer Tim, is a complementary partnership entitled Operator Plans "" Tim offers music streaming services to his customers.

Deezer is a free music app with more than 53 million songs and all current versions of the hits album were updated daily. Become a part of the wonderful music world and find the best songs, podcasts, and radio with style and humor. Or use songs that will recognize and stream you to listen to personalized recommendations.


● Free music streaming with big hits.

● Listen to 53 million songs.

● Listen to online radio.

● Stream listening to new music recommendations.

● Create and listen to playlists.

● All the podcasts you love in one place.

● Organize your new songs by artist or genre.

● Share your favorite playlists and tracks.

● Plays MP3 music with an integrated music player.

Upgrade to Deezer Premium and Unique Experience:

● No ads.

● To listen to music download in offline mode.

● Allow unlimited tracks.

● Optional random mode.

● Improved sound quality (Listen to songs at 320 Kbps).

● Compatibility with Google Home and other devices.

Có gì mới

Fans can now enjoy podcasts in GCC, Levant and Maghreb countries.
Good news for our Deezer Family users! You can now invite members on your Deezer Family plan as independent accounts - meaning they'll have their own credentials, added privacy and get to keep their library if they were already using Deezer.