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Fast like a Fox Apk

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57.5 MB
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1.4.4 cho Android
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Thg8 19, 2019

Fast like a Fox control advances through different worlds - faster as a fox. The way to collect gold, gems and other valuables. Overcoming obstacles.

Fast like a Fox control advances through different worlds - fast as a fox. Way to collect gold, jewels, and other valuables. Overcoming obstacles. Treasure villain steals game heroes back for Android users. From the snow-capped major cities to the mountain peaks, collect treasures from different worlds. Surprise Fox to make the screen touch leap at the right time. Change the pit and jump on the platform. Avoid a variety of dangers and deadly traps. Unlock All Levels.

One of the most fun and fastest platforms ever with unique tap control! Join Now!

Find Fast like a Fox used in the internal sensor device. Need to harnessing technology to provide the best precision.

Golden fox tribe stolen by mysterious henchmen of treasures. They will certainly be back to its rightful owner. Exciting and fox tree deployed behind your device and water challenges dashboard around the world. Cloud temples, snowy valleys, mountain peaks, fiery caves, underground and city streets await you!

Sapphire and diamonds were not found during the recording of the best result of all coins break time. Challenge those who offer special powers with the ultimate run and secret character skills and reaction! Remember ... learn to control your fingers, and as fast as the fox.


  • Easy to play, easy to master - knocking innovative controls!
  • Very quick fun and platforming replay value
  • Turn the game over!
  • As soon as possible - all coins can be collected in the form of pages and diamonds!
  • Go on an adventure through the World Challenge
  • Gleeful soundtrack
  • Cool geometry and inspired vector-based graphics of retro games console
  • Share your score with a screenshot with your friends!
  • Who will be the best result? Top Race Leaderboards!

Note: If you do not think Fox is trying to do it correctly, then tap on a different device or device on the reverse, for example. The case can affect playability. 

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  • Ad-free version!
  • 64bit support
  • Fixes for Android TV suppor