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85.1 MB
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1.0.294 cho Android
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Thg3 17, 2020

The Last Empire-War Z is a zombie-fashioned free-to-play strategy war game. Protect your kingdom against the battle of zombie soldiers and impending zombie war for safe survivors. Create a team from your world of special events to improve your zombie defense strategy army and team with friends. Take part in the battle of zombies and your kingdom to create an army - zombies in the last state at hand The apocalypse is to survive - Z is!

Protect Your Kingdom by War Strategy RPG and by creating war games - your equipment wants to steal the shooting zombie army's last field. Create around the world army with other players and organize an attack with your own zombie army! The state and the friendship of the Empire for boys and bargaining partners develop with human opponents. What if you are the most powerful commander possible?

Last Empire-War Z Features:

Strategy War Game Empire Defense

  • Strategy war game kills you against endless zombie hordes!
  • Game Empire Construction - Building Support This strategy encourages players with a powerful bonus to work!
  • In-game strategies and strategy built during regular Survivor Challenges for great rewards of zombie defense!

Zombie Soldier in War with Alliance members

  • Other survivors during the war zombie soldiers and zombie apocalypse.
  • Connect with members of the world on the map of the world and attack zombies in real-time!
  • Extend the surviving Empire Allied War with the away zombie soldiers and other lives of your kingdom.

Create an army of zombies and human soldiers

  • Destroy your enemies and build your empire to protect against an army of deadly zombie soldiers!
  • Zombie Apocalypse can be upgraded with recruits and survivors of unique combat skills and tricks.
  • Strategy is everything. Different skill trees allow the player to increase their heroes.

Make the zombie soldiers who survive the army to fight for the zombie apocalypse, and come to the final to protect their empire in the kingdom - Battle Z!

Please note! The Last Empire - War Z for free download and install. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please purchase the device settings in the Disabled application. A network connection is required.

Service notification under the terms of the last empire - war z download is allowed and only persons 12 years or older are in play. 

Có gì mới

New Changes:
  • Medal Refining: in the latest version, Absolute Refine Core cost is now 10 instead of 1
  • Optimized Monthly fund activation mechanics, the system will automatically activate the corresponding fund when the conditions are met
  • Silver Medal SUpply chest no longer requires Certificate for the Strongest
  • Fixed various bugs