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Firefox is also an Android device with Google Chrome, currently available for major browsers. Now, it mainly offers a list of benefits as the default browser on your phone or tablet, it can be expensive to use for a fixed, long time.

The first interesting feature of the app is that it not only gives you history, bookmarks, passwords and even open tabs that you see on your computer browser, all just a few tunes on your Android. Of course, in order to synchronize it with your computer browser, you must first log in.

A fast, intelligent and personalized web experience. Firefox, the Mozilla browser people went first, voted for the privacy of the largest Internet companies for free. Upgrade today and the millions that rely on Firefox for a personalized browsing experience.

Is Mozilla Firefox Free?

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open-source web browser. Developed and offered by Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation Firefox can be downloaded and used by anyone for free. The source code is open to the public. It can be used with third parties to modify and update source code software or make Firefox its own browser independent.

Is Mozilla Firefox Safe?

Since Mozilla Firefox is an open-source, it does come with a bit of a hassle to check your source code directly. Not only is the harmful content difficult to put in Firefox, but it also allows you to wear them to solve them. This is a feature of phishing and malware protection against potential threats with built-in check report sites.

Mozilla Firefox Don't Follow You?

Users have more control over Mozilla Firefox tracking than other browsers. Mozilla Firefox does not keep in mind the task, preventing information about your surfing habits from the survey. This feature is disabled by private browsing mode by default. That security range can be triggered in the privacy settings.

What is Mozilla Firefox available platform?

Mozilla Firefox is a multi-platform and is only available for both desktop and mobile devices. The desktop version is only supported for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. For mobile, it's for Android and iOS and supported by iOS, Android and Firefox Firefox apps. Data can be synced between the following versions on different devices.

Is Mozilla Firefox Better than Google Chrome?

Both browsers have their strengths and weaknesses. Google Chrome requires fast page loads and high security claims, privacy Mozilla Firefox better protection and less computer resources. Two browsers: This is completely better based on the user's price is higher than speed or privacy.

How to import Mozilla Firefox bookmarks?

Mozilla Firefox allows different bookmarks to be imported. Select Add, toolbar bookmarks can be accessed by clicking on the library icon in the view and clicking on the view bookmark. Select Library windows, Import and Backup, and click Import data from another browser. Select the browser that you need and import wizard to get its data.

Set as Mozilla Firefox Home Page?

There are two ways to change the Mozilla Firefox home page. In user pages, they can open a new tab with which you want to set them as your homepage. Then they will be prompted to pull up the tab on Firefox's toolbar home icon to confirm the changes for a while. It will be available on the homepage and can be adjusted manually and paste the home page URL.

How do you disable add-on for Mozilla Firefox?

You can disable the add-ons by Mozilla Firefox or click on the toolbar button and menu to remove the add-ons. There are three types of extensions, themes, and plug-in Mozilla Firefox add-ons. They can be used from the add-ons menu, and users can get other add-ons if they want. 

How do you clear your cache in Mozilla Firefox?

User Manual, you can clear the cache to go to the Privacy and Security category under the Options menu. Delete cookies and data Click in the Location Data Options section and select the information you want to delete. Alternatively, you can set Cache Firefox to automatically set off when setting it to clear the history set by accepting it.


  • Firefox was designed with you in mind and empowers you to take back control of their web experience.
  • That's why we only have products designed to use intelligent functions on predictive work.


  • Firefox has suggested many of your needs assessed and intuitive, and the results of the first search returns in your favorite search engine. Every time
  • Easy to see providers of access shortcuts with Wikipedia, Twitter, and Amazon.

The next level of privacy

Improve your privacy. Web pages will protect your internet activity parts tracking with private block tracking.

Synchronized Firefox on your devices

  • Firefox with one account Access your history, bookmarks and open tabs from your desktop on your smartphone and tablet.
  • Firefox and you will keep your password on the device, so you don't need to.

Intuitive, visual tab

  • Easily find seamless visual and number tabs content for the future.
  • How you would like to open your web pages as many tabs as you want without losing an overview.

Easily available from your top sites

Spend your time reading your favorites sites instead of finding them.

Add-ons for Everything

Take control of your Web experience by personalizing Firefox add-ons, passwords and download managers and other add-ons.

Instant Share

Firefox appears to make it easier to use their latest sharing help content like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype application.

Take it to the big screen

With supported streaming capabilities or video and web content from the tablet on your smartphone or TV.

About Mozilla

Mozilla is open and well closed and in control of the public source because we believe the Internet is all about making the Internet accessible. We offer more control over online design choices and transparency of people such as Firefox products to promote their lives.

User Reviews

  1. When I type Firefox in the long point to find and it just depends it is very attractive. Resume and talk for a long time and then writes right. I have it a few times a day, and I hate it very much.
  2. None of this is a strange problem with the current protocol. Maybe you can give the developer answers and can we continue the hash? I want to get my vote of some assistance and then sort it out like I'm on.
  3. This is the most embarrassing version of the Firefox browser. All three browsers I use are slow. There are only three options to download it (open, delete, delete all). Instead, download history keeps the phone from being deleted if I choose. It doesn't even copy or redownload the link in downloading options ... I've never had this problem with a Firefox browser PC. 

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