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WA Tweaker for Whatsapp APK

6.7 MB
1.5.6 对于Android
7月 06, 2020

WA Tweaker was a small program that could enable all the" hidden "beta version "features of WhatsApp. Of course, with this app, you don't need any rooted Android device, or just about all the app works properly.

Washington Catapult is easy to use. First, activate WhatsApp and Airplane mode nearby. Then just open Washington to want that location again, and open WhatsApp was gone. And that's it! Then just sitting back to disable the basics was fun and its completely new functions were enabled.

This means passive, though it is important to remember that all the Washington Catapult WhatsApp application features are already significant. In other words, Washington Tweaker was not set up earlier by developers to add WhatsApp to all functions.

WASHINGTON Get the most out of WhatsApp out of the catapult of the latest version of Washington Change. Not only that, but despite how it may seem at first glance, it is a very simple application to use. It's not two minutes to allow all sorts of interesting hidden features!

WA Tweaker App Highlights

  • Enable the GIF - GIF series to be built out of the search engine section.
  • Ability to send non-contact transfers - Chances are a capable person who can send a broadcast message if your number is not saved in your contact list.
  • Looking for a sticker - ", happy-sad, laughing so as to think of a sticker with keywords ", but it is limited.
  • Adding or contacting a WhatsApp listing is not registered before you are registered with the numbers that it can see - will be able to add internal contacts.
  • Fingerprint authentication - The system is now in official beta.
  • Looking for Images on Google - This feature is quite unique. This, too, is installed in any other Wamod. Can it? So if you want to know the origin of the images you come up with, you can simply select the option menu using Google Image Search.
  • Forward-limit - If you enable this feature, you may be able to forward it to 20 people. This is not recommended.
  • Fruit Seed Mode - Exterior Fruit Seed mode, you can watch videos on a small window on the screen. Oreo login required or for that.
  • Hidden Features - Washington Tweaker allows unlock features not yet announced.
  • Color adjustment - With this you can enable edit toolbar, status bar, accent, background, title, subtitle, info, navigation bar, and message counter c0lours.

What is WA Tweaker APK?

Developed by Alessandro Paluzzi of Roma, Lazio. The cool thing about that; He also developed a different version of WhatsApp Business Edition here (WAB Catapult) Take a look at the name code.

That is, the default version of the standalone application takes the same process every time the mods start when Devs want to update their base according to the new version, when not needed.

Washington went on to say that another unique project allows us to use hidden features that have not yet been released to the WhatsApp beta version to the public. In addition, users can also take advantage of privacy, some changes or adjustments, and themes.

In this particular case, Washington Catapult is very beneficial for us to taste a little before they go public options.

What IS chmod?

WhatsApp has always hidden its settings by normal users. If you need to be a developer, you want to enjoy these features. Now, these developers can unlock hidden features of separate application to parts of the Adobe software and that's it!

Well, the WhatsApp has received a beta update that is used to unlock some hidden special permits and facilitate unlocked Washington Catapult programs.

Chmod777 permission is used to unlock WhatsApp these settings. You can enable good quality with ApkTool to decompile WhatsApp and then change the permissions of the application.

In the case of Washington, Catapult can give you the hidden features of Catapult with the help of Washington, but not easily allow parts of this Adobe software to be isolated and all.

WA Tweaker Developer?

Regularly check out WhatsApp from Washington Catapult developers and any new features available to see it? If so, the application has updated.

This is something like that, even though it is a new update WhatsApp and you are notified when you need to make sure you want to enjoy the application, the app update is guaranteed.

Regular WA Tweaker Update

This app is updated daily, you can get regular updates to bookmark our page for easy and easy. You install the app, otherwise, you will lose hidden tasks to find the end.

Washington went on to make a lot of improvements with size 4 MB and Whatsapp app and Android device. This is just a small package

How does a WA Tweaker work?

Well, if you want to enjoy this application, you must make sure you have installed the official version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has a different modern package name set, so you can go to your phone Tweaker Washington.

The catapult application named Washington checks the package and Washington Catapult helps properly on any phone running and you must make sure that you have the official version of WhatsApp installed.

Yes, other programs such as Washington Catapult Media Modes. Mods have a media-down list that can benefit you if you only have access paths.

  • Send the highest quality photos.
  • Increase the maximum size of the compressed image.
  • Transmit full quality mode.
  • Status Bypass Video Series 30 seconds - This current situation is recommended.
  • Send media range over document size.

WA Tweaker for Whatsapp APK has become an important part of Washington because of the WhatsApp catapult in our lives, it helps our friends and family stay in touch. Washington has been developing a program in order to bring only the hidden features of Whatsapp and unlock. That application was passed to Alex193a. All properties are hidden in WhatsApp Messenger unlocked by this app and make it more convenient and useful for us. Of making good.

It is unlocked with the application for Android users and hidden features, also we will not know about the newly added features. This app will receive updates on a daily basis, and so it's very easy, so you won't have to worry about it. These updates are added only after regular check for what updates or other tasks. This app doesn't take up much space on your device because it's only 8MB.

Root Android Washington Catapult APK for WA Tweaker APK

Here in this section, you will always find the official download link when you visit us WhatsApp APK Catapult. Because we were constantly combined to update development releases. Therefore, you do not have to worry about old apps or links on our website.

The developers want to use some money you want to use, even though it has been announced yet. Before the few dollars for the developer, please, encourage it. 


  • Updated dependencies
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from deleting your status updates when Anti Revoke is active
  • Added a customization option to replace images resources in WhatsApp
  • Minor bugfixes