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8月 04, 2020

In fact, this game, because you just need your own design for Android, simple. The game is a virtual game that will show you how to be very beautifully maintained. Since then the design and construction game has a home, You can design your idea to explore a home. This way you will improve their skills and motivation that can be applied in real life.

Looking for a new creative hobby? Designing a playhouse today is a wonderful, fun game that you can have a life decorating the interior of. Realistic, high-end furniture and decoration brand Sharpen the daily design challenges with sharpening your decoration skills and style three-dimensional spaces. Unlocked access to bathrooms, kitchens and more customization options "to bring their dream homes to my homes' life! It's quick, fun and varied decoration styles, enhancing how you can discover your design skills and motivation to know that you can apply in your real life you can join a vibrant creative community.

  • Easy to play through and express your creativity daily design challenges.
  • Unlock rewards as you polish your amazing skills as an interior designer.
  • Achieve Your Own Dream Of Top-Level Design House For My Homes!
  • How to learn a real-life game featuring different decorating styles high-end brand.
  • A vibrant, creative community vote for your favorite room.
  • Your friends share your creativity and borrowed property when you connect on Facebook.

Loved items in your favorite room? You can buy them directly from the Design House! Click on a piece of love and buy it in your own home. New pieces added daily with the right: (padding option) side, home design really brings out the best home exterior. Not only that they can find their own brand and trends!

Please note:

  • The game is free to play, but you can pay some extra items, which charge real money in your Google account. You can disable app purchases via the appropriate settings in your device settings.
  • This game is not for kids.
  • Please buy carefully.
  • This game is featured.
  • The game may allow them to base these features (eg, chat room, player with chat message player to chat). Breaking the social network rules by linking to social networking sites is not for everyone.
  • A network connection is required to play.
  • Glu collects and reads our privacy policy information on how you use your data: www.Glu.com/privacy
  • Using "help" is a problem playing the game after work.


Also, this game is interesting because it has very good supporting features in this game. Some of the features of this game are that you know that you are playing with a high-end brand, in real life. You can also very good interior and exterior design of the game. So if you design, you can also share their creativity and present your friend, especially if you lend Facebook connect.

The design graphic of the Design Home Game

Obviously, this game has three dimensions within a very impressive game. The objective is to make the game a real third dimension. Plus, the game is also high-end furniture and will find decoration brands that play great and make it very useful for relevant designers.

Although the game is great, this game has some advantages and disadvantages. Here are some good and game cheats,


  • It's impressive graphics, especially in 3D
  • It is useful for everyday design challenge
  • You can improve your creativity and flexibility in design
  • You can design your own favorite room
  • It has more than 6,000 individual pieces


  • Because the game is necessary to play memory
  • When using your personal data in this game

Tips for the game

The style theater for Android is best, but the game will be useful to you during the little tips. The first tips to play is that you should know all the tools in the game. You need to find the function then you think about the design that you want to create. In this view, you can see some reference design satisfaction. Context design is very useful. See every detail of the design of your home will be well-designed in this game.

What's new

  • Turn on the Challenge Feed banner displayed when you unlock a room in my house
  • Update My Homes Lookbook Views
  • Technical updates and performance improvements

User Reviews

User 1: Great fun way to make and spend time. I like this app. My only problem would be easy to make for diamonds and earned keys. There are always many rewards offered to reach out to the diamonds. And ... reward for downloading some apps while on your phone. Then watch you go to gain world support. In addition, the game entertains.

User 2: After playing a few here and there, mostly play for a little over a year. The security issue was not resolved. The customer service seems limited among staff. I have many unanswered questions. So it is said that images, designs, game selection, and decoration are very attractive places to create possibilities. New ideas for your own home. Good pictures of Eid can be found in plants and decorations and just collecting game/money with diamonds or getting it.

User 3: Surprisingly addicting game. Great graphics. My only complaint is to buy more (and when I say "bye" "I am used to. In-game currency actual purchase optional) limited to 5 items. I understand that users may not be unlimited, but it seems to me, such as 8 programs because to get nice, you won't mention aggression with displays of 6 or even numbers; They have the option to get more game currency. Because if the game of choice is important to me, so many ads are slammed. 


  • Don't forget that new real-world items from top brands and unique Design Challenges are added daily!
  • Technical fixes and performance improvements