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Plants vs. Zombies FREE Apk

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6月 14, 2020

Plants vs. Zombies FREE is a fun and easy game where you have to fight the undead with an unusual weapon, plants that grow in the garden.

Plants vs. Zombies FREE are no doubt a bit different. Hordes of zombies who want to eat your brain and what it takes to get to his house. You can easily die, rugby players face a number of divers and dancers zombies.

Even if you have access to mini-games like bowling zombies every few steps and strategies in which plants plant comfort plugs, but walnuts and zombies instead of balls. These and other challenges make you earn points that you can improve or use after buying new equipment if you already have ways.

Get into the plant plants zombies free favorite game Plants get ready for pollution against the zombies at home. The game Kill plants zombie player can choose to eat peashooters, cherry bombs, mothers and 26 different zombie defeats to break the door of their house, made before they are more of a gamble and control your mind 49th

The name will give you a game for Android, where the last line of defense against plants, raging zombies is proposed. Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense strategy in which you save your home from answering zombies. Plant defense plants wave waves to the next level of defense plants.

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50 fun-dead levels

  • Win all 50 levels of adventure mode - a bath by the pool day, night, through the fog, on the roof, and more. Avoid the constant wave of zombies as much as possible with long survival mode!

Not garden type Ghouls

  • War Zombie Pole-vaulters, snorkelers, Bucketheads, and 26 more fun-dead zombies. So if you have ideas to specialize in investing in specialized skills faster then fight them one and all.
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Smarter than the average zombie

  • How do you use greens and carefully velvet to limit your supply? Play love brains of zombies so they jump, dance, swim and even get into the house to eat plants. Help plan calendar strategies to learn more than all open zombies and plants.

Fight now stronger

  • Win as you buy pet snails as Progress and Collect Coins and Power-Ups 49 powerful perennials.

Bred with their game

  • Get your zombie-zapping skills through 46 to showcase your zombie-zapping skills great.


  • Need great coins for new items? Buy the main menu right from 600,000 coins up.

Control and gameplay

Plants against the zombies are controlled with the mouse. The move, which will help you handle the expanded campaigns yourself, is easy to do.

The learning curve against zombie plants is extremely simple for you to take a walk with a relatively warm first free mission like leaves, where it is displayed. At least the difficulty is to gradually attack the hellish, you will well plan to fully grow up, where to use their defense and equipment.


Technically, Plants vs. Zombies is not a modern game, but it is definitely missing something. One of the notable designs found at certain points are you eager to show their watches to the characters starting to really care about dying.


Of course, Plants vs. Zombies is a fun and addictive game that you can play on the PC. The number of both plants and zombies is huge, but they are slow, or slow, so you are put to avoid starting a level for a long time. 


Greetings zombie zappers! We’ve made some behind-the-scenes improvements to enhance your zombie-battling fun.