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Extreme Car Driving Simulator Apk

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4.18.16 对于Android
7月 22, 2019

Drama Games AxesInMotion is a highly simulated driving simulator of the most popular racing simulators in the car. It is also a full-featured program that tests your backdrop of convenient and attractive racing simulation that cycles the thrill of high octane every time, your skillfully realized graphics and precision. It provides an arcade view.

Many options are downloading this with a racing game for cars, tracks and free of cost and direct driving simulator for your Android phone. Played a driving SIM before? The extreme simulator is a beautiful introduction to style driving.

Try smashing your driving skills with a range of high-performance vehicles and crazy stunts. Get away from police attention, and when they tackled the hot pool police on their trail the car stunts proved to be wrong is an untimely death. With wonderful artificial and wide levels, this game proves to be a challenge for players of all abilities.

Tackle control of lanes and NPCs, total control of his car and more points. You decide to add simple mode to an authentic experience and challenge or driving simulator to add an extra dimension to the mode you are just starting out.

There is a mini-game post mode, you can always enter to save your progress, while later with its own starting power-ups and open content again, way even more exciting. They can be tap controlled as well and the arrows are easy for your car with the desired steering wheel options.

With the right car mechanics and physical, you have to use the police to master their escape skills in the real world and pull the best scoring stunt high score record.

With open-world premium add-ons and new subjects to find highly sim support content to meet the player's pay drive. Experience car hunting, what to do with the trail and the level of play to the thrill behind the high-speed steering wheel for thrills, adjustable camera positions have first-person view, see what can be about spectacular top-down sarcasm.


  • You can change the color of the car paint workshop
  • Latest updates Airport rest Players go to the airport
  • You will have more control car game
  • It is especially ideal for graphic design detail


  • Maneuverability is very simple
  • The game is simple graphics
  • Police, pedestrians and other facilities anywhere will make the game boring

Tips for the game

To meet the extreme car driving simulator game for Android, here are some tips will help you a lot. Since the game is not pedestrians and police, you should have your car to drive as fast and as fast as possible when you have a problem with your car. All new sites rewarded in the game travel and make money. This is to paint new car types and all kinds of cars to unlock any significance that you want to paint. 


  • Day-Night mode!!
  • New dynamic light system!!
  • Improved speed feeling!!
  • Tons of bugs fixes!!