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Grand Truck Simulator Apk

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1.13 对于Android
2月 20, 2018

You can expect Grand Truck Simulator to be careful to respect traffic rules. A red light or a dangerous maneuver is going to be punishing you. And if you bring another vehicle to crash, you get a huge fine. So if you do well Should try to run the way.

Many will buy your truck upgrade to visit the mechanic on the map of scattered parts. Find dozens of different combinations to customize with your truck.

The GTS is a truck-sim phone. These are just some of the features:

  • Realistic physics
  • Realistic consumption of fuel
  • Modification: You can make your own skins for trucks and trailers or download other ones
  • You can help the Lights (Xenon), Pente Turbina and automatic brakes (for modern trucks) be suspended na modification
  • You can damage their body truck and broken glasses
  • Fully functional truck and trailer lights
  • Work Truck Dashboard

Air horn

  • Engine, brake, horn, real truck,
  • Different types of supporters, such as chassis, chassis and trailer, half axle 3, axle half 2, 2 + 1 axle half, 7 border bitren, etc.
  • Realistic Solar System (Day and Night)


  • Drivers cannot afford to rent a truck park in their fleet and submit
  • Map is based on a small town Sao Paulo - Brazil
  • You start with basic trucks and better trucks and get a job experience
  • And remember, this game is not complete, but we make it come true :) Your Dreams Are Working Hard
  • Follow the latest new games or other player skins development you can find us on Facebook


  • new multiplayer pc server
  • fixed multiplayer bugs
  • enabled glasses truck mod
  • enabled map skins mod
  • enabled city names mod