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Racing Fever Apk

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1.6.9 对于Android
7月 29, 2019

Racing Fever is a dynamic racing car simulator in a variety of systems and environments.

Unhealthy races of good relations are built to the same level training rally with a cable as you - complexity theory logic arkadnomu increased racing.

Game traffic is deceitful, it must drive a fast car. You can hit another vehicle. You play in multiplayer mode so you can play against your friends. It's a good competition, to see what the best racer is. The game has simple and responsive controls. Button, you can manage the gas pedal and brakes. So this game is really fun.

You can create your own look through this game comes with great graphics quality. So, even though you are good with a great smartphone to play with a graphics tablet.

Finally the multiplayer race

  • Choose your favorite car and get the ultimate challenge!
  • Join the amateur 6 different room king with big price
  • Race head-to-head against your friends or random players worldwide

Driving at high speeds

  • Race against high speed, transport and overtake cars!
  • Nothing higher risk of fever = more coin racing celebrities!

High-quality graphics

  • Enjoy the art 3D graphics with a realistic atmosphere and stunningly detailed car.

Your dream car

  • Customize your car with upgrades for limits, colors, vinyls, and rims.
  • Makes good, fast, strong and beautiful.

Slow mode

  • In sticky situations, do not press your destiny slow times for easy maneuvering.
  • It's not fast again but last forever.

Explore different topics

  • In the village, take a ride in the desert, the city, or snow in winter.
  • Every four ambushes went realistically and in great detail.

Every mood for the game mode

  • One Way Feels Two Way, Time Attack is a fast game land or free ride drive peace.

Drive your way

  • You control your car.
  • Choose from a steering wheel, buttons, a gyro or even a joystick.

Multiple camera angles

  • Camera back on the hood or just traffic with dive, or camera back with action.
  • Each camera angle provides a unique driving experience.

Language Support

  • Come in more than 36 different languages ​​available!


  • Enter to a limited prize to win big prize research!
  • Get your bonus every day with every successive visit with your daily bonus.
  • Don't forget to visit mini-games!

Share and compete

  • Sharing with friends keys and win a new car!
  • When you compare scores on leaderboards with friends and drivers around the world.

Key Features

  • 3D graphics shocked
  • Simple and realistic driving
  • In 4 detailed environments: village, desert, city, winter
  • 4 game modes: one way, two way, time attack, free ride
  • 10 different cars (new vehicles on the way!)
  • Expandable speed, acceleration, handling braking option
  • Expand colors, rims, vinyl
  • Rich Transport: Trucks, buses, vans, pickups, SUVs and so on
  • High, medium, and low graphics options
  • Time-limited search and bonus games
  • Online leaderboards and achievements 


  • Small bug fixes